What is PR?

September 2, 2014

If you play a word association game with 10 people and say, “Public relations. Go,” you’ll probably be hit with 10 different responses and perceptions. The craft of PR has changed drastically since its beginnings under Edward Bernays in the early 1900s. In the age of the Internet, your PR efforts need to be tightly incorporated with your inbound marketing efforts in order to create influence.
When we speak with prospects or entrepreneurs looking to begin a PR program, the conversation tends to focus on media hits. Press coverage is no doubt a big chunk of a PR program, and it does deliver results: third-party confirmation in the industry, new audiences, site traffic and more. But, you won’t be as successful at dispersing your messages and driving the industry conversation without complementary activities.
Here’s one example: Say you do get a stand-out piece of coverage in a top-tier publication. To make it really work for you, you need an integrated campaign. Hopefully, the article content aligns with the messaging you’re promoting. So, writing an e-book or white paper on the same topic or a related one will strengthen its reach and give your contacts or prospects a usable, valuable resource. You can also extend the article’s lifetime and reach by promoting it across your social channels with supporting images to visually grab readers’ attention. You could blog or create an e-newsletter about the message within the article, and point readers and subscribers to the full article. You could use content marketing services such as Outbrain and Taboola to amplify and promote the article and increase visibility for your company.
Is this marketing? Content marketing? Inbound marketing? Email marketing? Social media? Search engine optimization? Actually, all of these tactics fall under the umbrella of modern public relations, and any PR partner you’re considering should be fluent in these disciplines. Want to learn more about comprehensive PR services? Get in touch.

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