Influence is a moving target.
We never lose sight of it.

B2B Integrated Marketing & PR Services to Elevate Your Business

Growth Communications

Metis knows how to work with companies across all stages of business from early stage to IPO to exit. We understand how startups are successfully run, markets are moved, B2B sales are made and how to support fast-growing teams. We’ve managed countless funding and M&A news announcements, company and product launches, integrations and market expansions. We successfully support exit-based awareness campaigns, helping companies promote their IP, talent, market opportunities and customers to attract potential acquirers.

  • Messaging and positioning
  • Media, analyst and influencer communications strategy
  • Product and launch PR
  • Executive thought leadership
  • Customer advocacy
  • Employee experience
  • Awards and speaking opportunities

Marketing Services

We augment internal marketing and demand generation teams, helping catapult your brand into new markets and customer segments. From ABM campaign management to devising a digital and content marketing strategy, our team of experts can help you close leads, generate more customers and attract and retain your talent. And, if you don’t have a marketing team yet, we can help you build the foundation with our close network of marketing partners for brand and website development, paid and search marketing and much more.

  • Brand, marketing and digital strategy
  • ABM and marketing campaigns management
  • Social media and content marketing
  • Talent marketing and recruitment
  • Sales and marketing enablement

Executive Advisory Services

We tailor our services to meet your company’s specific needs and work as an extension of your business. Because of our long history of working within growth companies in B2B tech and healthcare, we offer a range of business advisory services. Sticking with remote work? We’re here to help you modify your internal communications to best amplify your culture and support your multi-generational workforce. Want an M&A growth and integration partner? We’re a popular go-to firm for M&A communications work. Looking to hire your first VP of marketing? We can help.

  • Executive communications coaching and training
  • M&A integrations and communications
  • Brand management
  • Customer and partner advisory services
  • Measurement and audit analysis
  • Remote workplace best practices