Healthcare Becomes One of IT’s Healthiest Vertical Markets

By: Melissa
If you work with high-tech companies, it won't be long before you find yourself talking about healthcare. That's because one of the strongest markets for IT solutions today is in the booming healthcare industry, where companies are scrambling to meet changing federal regulations, to care for an aging Baby Boomer population, to deliver mobile services to better serve patients, and to streamline costs.
To maximize all of those opportunities, the healthcare industry has prescribed itself a great big dose of technology. We've worked with many of the companies that are enabling healthcare improvements, and the range of applications is wide. As the IT and healthcare markets have convened, the Metis team has:

  1. Increased awareness in healthcare markets to drive website traffic and leads for hospital and clinics that use:
    • Solar-powered generators;
    • E-signatures;
    • Medical file security and electronic health records storage;
    • Remote video translation services for practitioners;
    • Data protection; and
    • Overall safety, security and business intelligence solutions.
  2. Worked with our clients' customers – including Aetna, CIGNA, St. Charles Health System, UnitedHealthcare and AMAG Pharmaceuticals – to create high-level traction through case studies, press releases, media opportunities, blogging, and award and speaking opportunities.
  3. Generated press coverage in top healthcare publications and blogs, including Fierce Health Player, Health Data Management, Pharmaceutical Commerce, Healthcare Technology Online, Healthcare IT Guy, Health Management Technology, BIO IT world and Healthcare IT News.
  4. Crafted an InfoWorld Green 15 Award application for Aetna, a client's customer, which won.
  5. Created a strong presence for clients at trade shows, including the HiMSS13 conference.

All of these experiences point to one diagnosis: if you want to get results in high-tech PR, you need to understand the healthcare market – and vice versa.