Security companies: Leverage your happy customers [E-BOOK]

May 10, 2016

One of the most potent forms of B2B marketing is the kind your happy customers do on your behalf. Whether it’s through social media, public relations, content marketing or other forms of outreach, word-of-mouth testimonials move the dial for sales teams. So what does that mean for companies whose customers – even the happy ones – are reluctant to talk?

Security vendors know all too well how this goes. Your customers are most likely to come to you after suffering a cyber breach, and because they were vulnerable in the past, those companies are reticent to talk about their experiences.

We’ve worked with lots of security tech companies to create customer success programs that work, even in an industry in which customers keep quiet. Based on that experience, we’ve written this free e-book. In it, you’ll learn:

  1. The various ways customers can contribute to your marketing efforts;
  2. How to educate and incentivize your sales team to identify happy customers;
  3. How to approach and qualify a customer in a manner that is mutually beneficial; and
  4. How other security companies are leveraging customer validation.

Security companies: Get your free customer PR e-book

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