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Golden Seeds
Content marketing helps investment firm propel women entrepreneurs

What Clients Are Saying

  • "Metis has been instrumental in establishing our content strategy and helping us bring it to life. We are so proud of what we’ve created as we’re able to showcase the work we’re doing and celebrate the successes of women entrepreneurs."

    Loretta McCarthy
    Managing Partner, Golden Seeds
  • "Media and analyst awareness was critical to our product launch plan, and Metis delivered ... which immediately resulted in leads, site traffic and awareness."

    Nagraj Seshadri
    Vice President of Marketing, Edgewise Networks
  • “This is why I love Metis: you can ask for help with something that may not even be in their wheelhouse and they find a way to get it done.”

    Courtney Pallotta
    Vice President of Marketing, ClearSky Data
  • "If you need to dial up your marketing and PR activities, Metis won't disappoint. Their approach pushed us to develop a strategic marketing program and held us accountable to ensure momentum never slowed down."

    Andy Coughlin
    Chief Revenue Officer, Teikametrics
  • "Working with Metis, it all of a sudden felt like we 10x-ed our marketing efforts. The team helped us set our marketing strategy and work smarter.”

    Claire Lew
    CEO, Know Your Team
  • "Metis has been the best partner to ideate and develop content to support our sales funnel. We trust Metis’ counsel and execution to bring our next big move to life."

    Chris Ticknor
    Former Director of Marketing, Key Information Systems
  • "We trust and rely on Metis as an advisor on more than just PR strategy."

    Rachel Eisenhauer
    Head of Marketing, SundaySky
  • "Metis is the best firm I’ve encountered in my 18 years as a technology marketer."

    Kelly Ford
    CMO, Edison Partners and former Vice President of Marketing, SundaySky
  • "Working with Metis is like printing money."

    Jeff Zwelling
    COO, ZipRecruiter and former CEO, Convertro
  • "I absolutely trust the team at Metis."

    John Joseph
    Former President, DataGravity
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Our tech pr and marketing consulting is comprised of an assertive, multi-faceted team that wants to make a lasting impact on your business. We work with clients that value communications and marketing as a leadership function. We have a high standard of client service, regardless of scope.
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