How to get fit while strengthening your company culture

By Kate Connors and Justine Boucher

The room was dark and cold, and a lingering smell of sweat and tears engulfed it. No, this isn’t the start of a horror story. This is the story of how a team venture to a spin class hooked us on the workout and bonded us as teammates.

If you’re not familiar, spin classes involve 20 to 50 individuals cycling while following choreography and coaching from an instructor. After trying a variety of classes, we learned that working together on the bicycle involves the same type of teamwork and drive that we apply every day in the office. Here’s how:

Core value No. 1: Believe in chemistry. 
Teamwork is a huge part of our company culture. Whether we’re sharing intel about a new award among the teams in our data center practice or pitching multiple expert opinions on a marketing trend, we work together to share knowledge and celebrate wins. As a result, we push one another to set higher goals and do our best work, and internally shared lessons from a recent campaign or strategy can always help all our clients succeed. The people sitting next to us every day (either literally or virtually) have a lot to do with our shared successes.

Spin class is all about team motivation, as well. Cyclists are motivated by the instructor and by the entire class moving together with the same beat and timing. If you don’t have an instructor who inspires you to push hard and friends to cheer you on when the workout gets tough, you are much less likely to show up for your next 6 a.m. class.

Core value No. 2: Adapt, always. 
Every day, we learn about new clients, emerging industries and evolving strategies and best practices. As spin enthusiasts, we adapt to new gyms, instructors and workouts. Our first group class inspired us to experience the many options Boston has to offer, and as we stayed open to learning and exploring, it only made us stronger. To get the best workout, we have to be flexible with our routines, just as we’re open to brainstorming new ideas that help our clients play at the top of their games.

Core value No. 3: Own. The. Day. 
Every day, we’re held accountable to our team, our clients and ourselves. If an organization’s communications strategy isn’t directly contributing to its business goals – such as generating leads or influencing investors – it’s up to us to change it. As champions for our clients, we continually take up the mantle to try out the latest marketing, content, social media and PR tactics to get clients where they need to go.

Many spin studios shut off the lights to give you a cover of darkness to pedal at your own pace – as fast or slow as that may be. However, you won’t get stronger for the next class if you don’t push your limits, put the effort and chase your goals. In communications or on a bike, when we own our actions and our outcomes, everyone wins.

Building teams, staying ahead and being true to what counts – exercising with co-workers has a lot in common with excelling at work and providing great service to clients.

Curious about spin? Here’s where to find our favorite Boston-based classes:


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