Why giving back should be a part of your company culture

We recently began working with Building Impact, a Boston-area nonprofit with a mission of strengthening the community through corporate volunteer and donation opportunities. So far we have participated in in-office donation drives and volunteer activities, giving us a chance to regroup as a team and give back to the community. At Metis, these volunteer opportunities are a core part of our company culture. We use our PR expertise to help grow recognition for non-profits, and we’re supporting several great non-profit clients now.
Beyond that work, we’ve found that community service is the ultimate team-building exercise. In February, we decorated Valentine’s Day cards and envelopes for elderly members of the community who receive Meals on Wheels donations. All of Metis had the chance to take an hour away from our day-to-day activities, sit down together and create personalized sentiments for people who could use the good cheer. Additionally, we had an ongoing food donation box where team members could contribute non-perishable food donations.
By March, Metis was on to our next opportunity with Building Impact – assembling donation bags for the Merrimack Valley Food Bank’s Spring Pantry Raid. Each team member was equipped with a stapler and paper bags, and we spent the afternoon assembling bags that the food bank’s shoppers would use during the spring event.
Next up for our work with Building Impact: Metis team members will head out of the office and serve dinner at the Boston Rescue Mission. The Mission provides basic life necessities such as food, shelter and social service programs to support the homeless community with the training and resources they need to sustain independent living for a lifetime.
Metis teammates have supported other charities and non-profits outside of the office, too. Some of our favorites include the American Heart Association, UNFI Foundation, Bikes Not Bombs and YES (Youth Enrichment Services).
This is our neighborhood, and we care about its success. We’ve found, though, that community service delivers as much to us as it does to the people we serve. When we work together for these organizations, we build stronger team bonds that pay off during our work every day.
Do you have a favorite charity or non-profit that your organization supports? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter by tweeting to @MetisComm