The Meet Metis Q&A: Melissa Cohen, managing partner

BlogMelissa.jpgWhen asked to describe Melissa, Metis’ managing partner and first employee, one colleague said, “You want to be like Melissa whether you are 22 or 42.” Cue the entire team nodding in agreement. A New Jersey native, Melissa dazzles her clients and team daily with her strategic thinking, pointed questions and quicker-than-lightning pace. She’s also Yelp in human form, always happy to help you navigate the Boston restaurant scene.

So, why has Melissa stayed with Metis through the years? We asked a few questions to find out.

Why do you love working at Metis?
We are super smart. We know our craft better than most. We get stuff done.

Fill in the blank. Before Metis, ______.
I never felt truly challenged on a daily basis from a communications or business perspective.

What’s your favorite Metis benefit?
Summer Fridays off after five years of employment.

What TV show do you binge watch?
Shark Tank.

What has Metis taught you?

Having the right team that can truly collaborate effectively to produce the right results is the key to any true business success.

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