Leveraging PR In an Election Year

January 31, 2012

By Mikala
For PR professionals, an election year can be pretty exciting. As candidates battle in the media, we get a snapshot of almost every type of PR best practice and disaster. From crisis management to cleverly spun headlines and media meltdowns -- we just can't help but watch. However, this also means that the media will undoubtedly be wrapped up in politics for the duration of 2012, making it even harder to get noticed. So how can you turn this obstacle into opportunity? Do what the candidates do; focus on the issues.
For example:

  • Jobs – Is your company hiring? Does your company make a product or provide a service that is creating more jobs? If so, you could be a valuable source for reporters looking to cover this topic.
  • Policies and regulations - Are there specific laws being considered that will impact your industry? Take a cue from companies like Google and Wikipedia, who recently made headlines protesting the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). You can earn respect in your industry and generate influential coverage.
  • Foreign affairs – Is your business being affected by newsworthy events in other countries? Or is your company providing a solution to a global issue? Putting a U.S. spin on international news can help raise awareness of the issue and your company.
  • Education – Does your company educate others? Or do you work with partners or charitable organizations involved with education? Issues surrounding education, or lack thereof, are always in the spotlight, and this is especially true in an election year. If your company can connect with a heavily covered topic -- like education reform, school safety or technology in the classroom -- there is a good chance your story will be picked up.

Linking your story to one of these top trends may give you the edge you need to get results in 2012.

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