Digital PR Tools: The Ultimate Toolkit

What Are Digital PR Tools?

Digital promotional strategy can help your brand’s online presence, and taking advantage of the wide range of digital public relations tools available can attract both consumers and investors. Choosing software best suited to your goals requires a broad understanding of the different tools available. To gain more knowledge on techniques to further brand recognition, we have suggested four fundamental digital PR services to consider.


Media Relations Tools

Media relations software opens the door for numerous earned media opportunities, boosting your brand’s visibility through the automation of managing, tracking and organizing contacts. Not only this, many of these tools include media databases, meaning your brand will be able to foster relationships with new contacts. 

  1. MuckRack has a reputable database of media contacts, including journalists and freelancers, to help your marketing team build a powerful, targeted media list.

  2. Prowly stands out with live online branded newsrooms and a database of over 1,000,000 contacts, ensuring you can connect and maintain relationships with key media.

  3. PRgloo exclusively focuses on media relations and will organize your contacts as well as distribute customized messages via their straightforward, easy-to-use platform. 


Media Monitoring Tools

Media monitoring tools can help brands gauge the success of their digital campaigns. Such software tracks content that is publicly available on websites or social media, compiling data to help your brand analyze information such as media mentions, trending keywords, share of voice and more. 

  1. Cision offers multiple media intelligence solutions including innovative monitoring software which uses emerging technologies to not only track mentions, but analyze them as well. 

  2. Talkwater Alerts will notify your brand of media mentions across news and social media platforms.


Ideation Tools

Ideation for your digital marketing strategy is key to ensuring a consistent message is being delivered and solidifying your brand goals. As digital PR focuses on SEO, consider ideation software to better structure campaigns around SEO impact and brand recognition. Using digital tools to research your target audience will extract trending keywords, social media insights, consumer interests and competitor analysis. This will better optimize your public relations strategy and efforts. 

  1. BuzzSumo assists with both ideation and pitch writing by allowing users to search for the most popular content regarding a target subject, which your brand can then use to incorporate trends within messaging and pitches.

  2. SparkToro automates research of target audiences, while providing valuable social media insights to help formulate relevant angles for your brand. 

  3. Google Trends can aid your campaign by providing data on consumer interests and disinterests, on both national and local scales, to further identify and analyze trends. 


Outreach Tools

Public relations outreach campaigns are centered around SEO and link-building. Digital software can help your brand secure backlink opportunities and measure the success of a campaign. Automating your outreach efforts can help your brand easily connect with those journalists or websites most likely to include your links in online content. 

  1. Hootsuite can help your brand customize and automate social media outreach efforts. The software also makes it simple to measure the success of your outreach.
  2. Ahrefs provides your brand a tool for finding backlink opportunities, which has proven to improve brands’ search engine rankings.
  3. Mention serves as both a tool for monitoring media mentions and conducting analysis to better identify media contacts willing to promote a brand across social media and news publications. 


The Digital PR Experts

You should consider taking advantage of digital PR tools to streamline marketing efforts. To learn how Metis can help you choose tools best suited for your company’s goals - and develop a dynamic digital PR strategy - check out our services or contact our experts.

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