What’s your brand voice telling your customers?

November 3, 2015
by Admin

By Jessie Moog
Here’s an exercise: Open the closest book within your reach. Read a few pages, and then draft your own paragraph in the author’s voice and style. Now, read what you’ve just written. What kind of audience would connect with this style?
As a content creator, you read, write and edit thousands of words per day. You tailor them to fit different design aesthetics. Your efforts provide a way for your audience to learn about new industries; become familiar with new companies, products and services; and possibly make the leap from an interested prospect to a customer. However, if you’re not creating with audience preferences in mind, you’re likely going to fall short of your marketing goals, and your brand could suffer.
When you’re giving a voice to your company, the style you use can help spark new conversations and grow your business. Below are some ways to better understand your audience, address its members as individuals and communicate your brand’s message:
Know your readers’ online habits, and cater to them.
Maybe your Twitter following hasn’t reached the size you hoped for, but your SlideShare followers and leads are taking off. Take a hint and focus on visually driven content with bite-sized facts and phrases. Then, repurpose images and themes from your top-viewed SlideShares on other platforms. 
Use other voices to amplify your own.
The great part about the above writing exercise is that it can help you break out of your habits – a good strategy for a creative refresh when you need it. Adding third-party perspectives to your content can have a similar effect. Statistics, quotes and stories from others in your field – think customers, bloggers and analysts – can add credibility to your content and pique visitors’ interests.
Consider the top takeaways of any piece you create.
Your audience probably won’t retain every word of your content. Put yourself in their shoes – how many email newsletters do you read on your phone over breakfast, or before you get out of bed? Every time you write and collaborate on a designed piece, think about the overall message a reader will retain. With this in mind, you’ll create lasting assets your audience seeks out, and help make a lasting impression about your brand in your industry. 
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