Is Finding Yourself As Easy as Pressing a Button?

May 30, 2012

By: Kathryn
I recently read Peter Bregman's book, “18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction and Get the Right Things Done.” As a mother and a PR executive trying to balance work, family and my own personal fulfillment, I found a lot of the book helpful. Bregman's words are designed to help readers find a way to master their use of time, increase productivity and focus on what will make them happy and successful.
Bregman talks about the “Find Me” button, which he describes as similar to the one on the Google Earth app. The idea is to zoom out from your daily life, take a brief break from what you are doing, and see where you are. It reminds me of my kids' recent STAR karate lesson: Stop, Think, Act, Review. You need to stop just doing and think before acting.
Bregman recommends breaking free from the limitations that others put on you. As he points outs at the end of chapter five, “Life isn't about some of you; it's about all of you. Don't negate, integrate.” This is a key lesson that we all need to remember. Start with a few goals such as not checking emails in the evening after a certain hour, having a sit-down dinner with the family a few nights a week, taking an exercise class or volunteering at a local organization. Make them a habit.
How did you integrate your work and personal lives?

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