Holiday Paws: Putting the cat in catwalk

Ah, the holidays, that time of year we go without rest, raise the stress, overly ingest and financially regress to enjoy the peace and joy of the season. To warm your hearts amidst the chaos, the Metis family is bringing you regular reminders of why we do it – and that means holiday photo essays of our pets!

They’re here to put the cat back in “catwalk.” You may remember Grape, the adorable one-year old Mackerel Tabby who broke hearts with the Metis “who wore it best” Thanksgiving Tweet. And Amanita, his slightly older Tortoiseshell sister, lent a stylish, folksy feel to the arrival of autumn.



But they’re cats, damn it, so save the tricks and costumes for the dogs. Amanita has a window to stare out of, Grape has decorations to ignore, so get your amusement from the “toilet drinkers!”



“A cat may look disinterested, but I assure you, they know what’s going on at every moment,” said Metis’ head of content, Marty Querzoli, one of Amanita and Grape’s humans. “They enjoy the holidays but on their terms. Make one mistake, leave the catnip out, and it will come back to bite you in the backside.”


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