Facebook Can Humanize Your Marketing Efforts

January 21, 2012

By: Kathryn
When you think of social media for your business, you probably think first of LinkedIn, Twitter, SlideShare or even YouTube. Facebook may fall to the bottom of the list. Many business owners look at Facebook as a platform for personal use rather than for companies. But with more than 800 million users, revamped pages for companies and an analytics package, Facebook should be part of your business' social media marketing plan.
Whereas LinkedIn acts as the online business card for your company, Facebook shows the human side of your business. It has the flexibility to feature creative content and insight and to highlight employees and company-sponsored events. Facebook allows your customers and partners to get to know your company on a different level and engage in a friendly, open way not possible on LinkedIn or within the character constraints of Twitter.
There are a lot of positives to using Facebook for your company, but to play devil's advocate, there are some negatives. You open your company up to the criticism of a wider audience. Your followers may not be the targeted, ideal business contacts you have on other platforms. Your executive team might not be open to the creativity that comes with a Facebook page. Yet, the positive outweighs the negative. Facebook provides a personal view of your company not as visible on other social media platforms. Also, it is the number one social media platform in the world.
Ideally, companies would combine Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook into a social media triumvirate. Twitter provides instant news sharing; LinkedIn is the business, networking platform; and Facebook is the face of the company.
Each social platform contributes to the company's presence in its own way and is integral to creating a unified company presence on the Web.
What challenges and success has had your company had on Facebook?

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