ZipRecruiter joins Metis client roster

August 11, 2015
by Admin

By: Erin
One of the hardest things we do as a business is search for, hire and retain “A” players. Attracting top talent is the biggest challenge for most companies, especially those focused on growth and exceptional service. In the market for making hiring easier, ZipRecruiter is a game-changer for small- to medium-sized businesses, and it’s also one of Metis’ newest clients.
ZipRecruiter brings Fortune-500-level hiring and employee management solutions to individual employers and recruiters. Its customers get single-click postings to more than 100 job networks, online interview tools and a machine-learning algorithm that connects them with jobseekers. Once employers find their “A” players, they can use ZipRecruiter’s HR onboarding tools to create and send digital offer letters, and manage the process of sending and completing W-4 or I-9 forms. For job seekers, ZipRecruiter makes it easy to search more than 100 job boards simultaneously and send resumes to thousands of hiring managers.
More than 400,000 companies have already used ZipRecruiter, and its team is a talented, passionate group focused on broadening its customer base so more hiring managers can easily find “the right one.” As ZipRecruiter’s PR and marketing partner, Metis looks forward to helping the company grow even further.
Finding the right PR and marketing partner is as hard as finding the right employee. Check out our guide, “How to pick a PR firm” for tips.

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