“You should read this:” a creativity, management, marketing reading list

April 19, 2016

There’s an unwritten mantra around here to read every day. At the heart of influence building is storytelling – cliché as that term has become – and you can’t tell great stories if you don’t read great stories.

We’re so serious about reading, our leadership team has a book club, our office space includes a library and our team frequently circulates articles they’ve read so everyone else can learn from them, too.
Those messages usually start with, “You should read this…” and end with a link to something about management, creativity, company culture, marketing, the future of work, PR, life in Boston or a fresh way to look at a stale idea.

:  "You can’t tell great stories if you don’t read great stories." -@RebeccaMJoyner 

Below are five stories that made the rounds here recently, and which you should read, too:

  1. Four things to do when your team’s smarter than you,” Fast Company

This “Lessons Learned” column features Ian Siegel, co-founder and CEO at Metis client ZipRecruiter. There’s solid management advice here, and it’s a great example of real thought leadership.

  1. The team, the years,” Medium

Basecamp’s Jason Fried uses the increasingly influential Medium platform to celebrate his company culture in images and words.

  1. Why ‘Does That Make Sense?’ Is the Worst Question You Can Ask in Sales,” HubSpot blog

Sometimes, we use horrid phrases that work against our interests, and we don’t even notice we’re doing it. Does that make sense?

  1. Secrets of the superbosses,” Harvard Business Review

This book excerpt from Sydney Finkelstein, management professor at Dartmouth, details findings from more than 200 interviews on the value of creativity, flexibility and intelligence in grooming talent.

  1. Here’s how Boston VC Jeff Bussgang prioritizes his day,” BostInno

There is room in the busiest schedule for work, networking, family, friends and community – if you arrange your priorities well.


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