Why You Need to Start an E-newsletter Today

May 10, 2012

Email is a fast, personal and cost-effective platform to update customers and nurture prospective leads. As our clients have learned, relying on this channel to send regular updates to customers and prospects bolsters relationships. One company enjoys an average click through rate (CTR) of more than 20 percent, which is above the average five to 15 percent CTR typical for B2B newsletters. This drives more traffic to the company's site and results in higher whitepaper downloads.

E-newsletters are even more effective when used as part of a cross-channel marketing strategy. A 2011 Customer Engagement Report shows that 72 percent of marketers surveyed believe e-newsletters are most likely to boost customer engagement. Following in second place is Facebook, with 48 percent citing the platform as most likely to improve engagement, and in third is Twitter, with 46 percent.

Leveraging email and social platforms together increases word-of-mouth marketing and greatly expands a company's reach. Cross-channel marketing offers further options to nurture leads; businesses can connect through multiple channels and find how a prospect prefers to be targeted. Plus, social media can drive email opt-ins as prospects can, for example, like a brand on Facebook and register for its email list at same time.

Promoting an e-newsletter across multiple channels can be simple. First, develop a subject line for the email – for optimal results, this should be fewer than 50 characters and tease at least one content item from the newsletter. Then expand that subject line to about 120 characters and add a link and hashtag to promote it on Twitter. For Facebook, expand the message even further and post an update with a link and photo.

Have you seen positive results from email campaigns?

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