Why You Need an Inbound Marketing Strategy Now

February 2, 2012

By: Rachel
The way consumers shop has drastically changed in the last few years as people turn to the Internet to research product options before purchasing. In turn, marketers have altered their strategies, and savvy marketers are finding new tactics to stay on top of the industry. Instead of pushing your message out to your audience, it is all about finding ways to get found. Ideally, your audience will be able to easily find your company through Google results, in the blogosphere, on social media platforms and more. This is exactly what Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah of HubSpot discuss in their book, Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media and Blogs.
Inbound marketing gives small companies that typically have small marketing budgets the same opportunities as major corporations that spend billions of dollars on marketing. Small companies and startups would do well to use this to their advantage from the beginning. Developing a content-rich site creates huge opportunities for visibility and lead generation that wouldn't be achievable otherwise.
Step one to being a successful inbound marketer is developing content. Without good content – keyword-rich, targeted to your audience and beneficial to readers -- you have little hope of increasing your chances of getting found online. Once you have the content, it can be optimized for multiple platforms: a company blog post, a contributed article, a Facebook post or a YouTube video. Distributing this content across multiple channels helps boost your search engine ranking, but be warned; this takes work and won't happen overnight.
Inbound marketing is an ongoing process, and it requires time and dedication. However, it is well worth the benefits you will reap. If you can be found across multiple platforms, leads will increase and your sales team can turn those leads into paying customers. You will appreciate the effort when your prospects are finding you before they find your competitors.

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