Why Metis loves startup entrepreneurs

April 25, 2013

By: Mikala
San Francisco
As technology PR professionals, our skills, patience and intellect are put to the test every day, especially when it comes to putting new companies on the map. Our startup clients depend on us to craft compelling content, create visibility in the market, generate leads, and provide results and recommendations that get them noticed by their target audiences. We love working with startups and want our clients to grow and succeed as if they were our children.
So why do we care so much? Because our startup clients inspire us, challenge us and motivate us to do our best work every day. Here are three reasons Metis loves working with startup entrepreneurs:

  1. Vision: Often times, we work directly with founders and CEOs who have recently launched or are about to launch new ventures. They are risking their careers and reputations on the success of their new companies, and they have invested in us to help them succeed. This usually means they are focused, engaged and eager to collaborate. With a clear vision and client cooperation, we can achieve fast, impactful PR results.
  2. Trust: Startup entrepreneurs must be able to manage all aspects of their businesses with only a core team of people to start. Our most successful relationships are with entrepreneurs who understand that they can't do it all and trust us to deliver valuable results.
  3. Passion: Our clients are true entrepreneurs. They are passionate about their businesses, which makes us passionate about their businesses. At Metis, we love what we do, and our job is even more satisfying knowing we get to work with clients who also love what they do.

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