Metis welcomes Water Defense to client family

Environmental and energy discussions continue to be hot buttons in today’s media landscape because oil and gas resources are being depleted, and companies are leveraging dangerous methods to produce more energy. These ways include drilling offshore for fuel, fracturing for natural gas, and surface mining for coal and nuclear energy. These activities are harmful and wasteful to the world’s water supply.
Last week, Metis started working with Water Defense, a non-profit organization founded by actor Mark Ruffalo, whose mission is to create safer drinking water through an economy that is powered by clean, sustainable sources of energy such as wind, water and solar. Our goal is to educate people through media relations and events about the challenges faced in the world when it comes to water, and to help drive donations for Water Defense to take action and help create healthy, clean drinking water for all. (You can donate here to help Water Defense fight for clean drinking water.)
Metis is at the center of these discussions daily, as we are engaging with influencers who are following breaking news around the latest alternative energy and clean technology trends, and who want to know the overall environmental impact of these solutions. Our energy and environmental clients look to us to create awareness of the hardships associated with traditional or risky ways of getting electricity and fuel by promoting their philosophies around renewable energy and opening people’s minds to sustainable technologies and resources. Working with companies and organizations such as Water Defense, OutBack Power, XL Hybrids and Maxwell Technologies helps drive that message home in today’s society.
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