Where will the marketing, ad tech industry go in 2016?

November 5, 2015
by Admin

By: Samantha
Our marketing, advertising and sales tech clients are getting ready to wind down the year and prepare for 2016. Looking back on 2015, we’ve seen major advancements and changes in the industry; but what can we expect in the year to come? Here are a few trends the market will be focused on in the New Year:

  • Ad blocking and personalized content

Marketers and advertisers struggled with the rise of ad-blocking this year. Based on our clients’ experiences, millennials in particular are supportive of ad blocking, as they have a more inherent aversion to advertisements. Therefore, in 2016 we predict marketers will focus on more personalized content in order to create ads that resonate with millennials and reduce the number of people downloading ad-blockers.

  • The balance between personalized and socialized content

The best digital marketing content connects with audiences to the point that they share it with their own online networks. As marketing moves toward more personalized materials, marketers will have to find the balancing point at which content resonates with more than a single person. The real value in creating compelling content is its shareability.

  • Using technology to get back to the basics

It seems like a new martech or adtech product comes out each day. This can pull marketers away from the core values of communication and distract them with bells and whistles. In 2016, marketers will get back to basics and focus once again on two-way communication with customers and consumers. While the technology is here to stay, the way it is used will change.

  • Programmatic is here to stay

Programmatic advertising created a splash in 2015. The use of real-time data is being applied to many industries, and advertising has found its most profitable use. We will continue to see the rise of programmatic throughout 2016.
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