What the Twitter, Amazon deal means for omnichannel marketing

May 27, 2014

By: The Metis marketing practice
Amazon is a true e-commerce giant that permeates online shoppers’ lives through its online storefront, which sells just about everything, produces original television shows, delivers food through AmazonFresh and manages its own delivery carrier fleet. Now, it’s broadening its reach by partnering with Twitter to allow users to tweet the #AmazonCart hashtag and add products directly to their Amazon carts without leaving Twitter. Thus continues the growing importance and value of social media for brands.
Most brands have recognized that they need a social media presence, but many are still struggling with how to create a cohesive omnichannel strategy that encompasses online, in-store, mobile, video and social media platforms. Consumers are more skilled at navigating the growing number of platforms, and they won’t settle for brands that generically target them across each platform. Marketers need to understand how consumers use each channel and target customers in a way that makes sense, while also shortening the path-to-purchase for each channel in order to ease the shopping experience.
For example, Pinterest can be the biggest referral source for brands that pin images of their products online. Pinterest quickly learned the sales power it had and made adjustments, such as including prices on shop-able items, that made consumers comfortable using the social site to browse and ultimately buy items. Email marketing has also been successful, particularly for the brands that personalized their outreach to offer deals on products related to a shopper’s interests or to remind shoppers of an item left unpurchased in their carts.
To date, Twitter has largely been used as a platform to share news, for companies to engage followers with meaningful content, or as a social customer service portal. A few brands have attempted social commerce campaigns on Twitter, though they weren’t deemed overwhelmingly successful. With the online power Amazon brings with it, will this attempt be different? Only time will tell, though one thing’s for certain: marketers need to define their multichannel strategies as the number of channels through which consumers can purchase goods continues to grow.
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