What tech trends will drive your holiday habits?

December 14, 2013

By the Metis marketing practice team

The holiday season is upon us, which means shoppers will be heading to the mall in droves with the hopes of grabbing the latest toys and gadgets at the lowest possible prices. This year we can expect to see mobile devices play a large role in the way that shoppers research and make purchases. People looking for an efficient way to tackle their holiday shopping should consider the following tech trends:

Apps: Most people won’t leave the house without at least one mobile device, most commonly a cell phone. So why not put that phone to good use while shopping?  Apps like BuyVia and ShopSavvy help shoppers make more informed purchasing decisions by providing product information, as well as helping determine where to find that product at the lowest price using geo-location technology. This price-matching technology means consumers will spend less time running from store-to-store and more time saving money.

In-store mobility: Retailers have quickly caught on to the mobile trend, and many are now equipping sales associates with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to provide a more efficient shopping experience. No longer do customers have to stand in those dreaded long lines that seem to go on for miles. Now, the sales associate that helped you choose the perfect new laptop can also finalize the transaction and you can be on your way.

Omnichannel: Brands like Gap Inc. have embraced technology advances in retail and e-commerce, and they are making it easier than ever to have a fully integrated shopping experience. With
“Reserve In-Store” capabilities, consumers can shop online via their mobile devices, reserve items and then pick them up in stores. With this added convenience, consumers can now avoid fighting mall crowds, an unfortunate experience that often goes hand-in-hand with holiday shopping.

By leveraging the technology that many retailers are already implementing, shoppers can avoid the added stress that can come from holiday shopping and instead spend their time surrounded by family, friends and holiday cheer.

Will technology change the way you shop this holiday season?  

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