What PR Pros Can Learn from Will and Kate

September 14, 2013

By: Rachel

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It's impossible to escape Will-and-Kate-and-Baby-George mania; even the ants living under rocks are aware. Instead of tuning out the latest news from the royal family, PR professionals should take the chance to learn from Will and Kate.
Give a real inside look.
Above all, Will and Kate want to emphasize an element of “realness” for Prince George as he grows up and minimize the intense effects of the royal spotlight and paparazzi. Will and Kate purposefully opted for their first family photo to be shot by Kate's father, Michael Middleton, rather than a royal photographer, which resulted in an overexposed family snapshot in the backyard. In the same manner, remind your client's spokesperson to be honest and straightforward in media interviews, and keep her messaging simple to avoid any rigidness. Stilted, practiced answers quickly lose meaning and readers and media alike tend to tune out.
Relate to your audience.
It's clear that Will and Kate live a royal lifestyle vastly different than that of the commoner. But they're both able to relate to the rest of the world: Will cracks new-dad jokes about the complexity of a car seat and Kate's off-the-rack fashion choices cause her chosen styles to sell out within days. When creating content, nix the clichés and marketing buzzwords in favor of clear, concise storytelling. You'll develop a better rapport and deeper relationships with your target audiences.
Remember your followers.
As you build a loyal following of customers, prospects and other contacts, remember to throw them a bone once in a while. Give them a shout out in a Follow Friday tweet, offer free content like a resourceful ebook, or host a cocktail networking party. Will and Kate earned serious points when they followed the royal tradition of sending thank-you notes to all of their well-wishers after the birth of Prince George. Showing appreciation goes a long way.
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