Useful Tools for Twitter

June 23, 2009

Twitter is a great way to connect with people and stay updated with more news and information than you can possibly imagine. The opportunities are limitless on Twitter and so is the time you can spend living in the Twitterverse. Hours can quickly pass by as you read, talk and add your updates. Here are some of our favorites tools to help you make the most of your time on Twitter.
Twitterfeed automatically Tweets your blog posts from your RSS feed.
TweetDeck is a desktop tool for managing your Twitter account, updates and followers.
Twtpoll is an app for conducting polls.
Twitpic lets you easily post photos.
Twitsnearme shows you local tweets based on your location.
Twittervision is a mashup of Twitter and Google Maps that geographically displays tweets. You can see who's tweeting in your neighborhood.
Twitterless provides you with information about who stops following you. It also charts your history of followers.
TweetPsych gives you a psychological profile of a person's tweets. It's best used if you have over 1000 updates.

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