Top Podcast Picks for Marketers & Remote Workers by the Metis Team

April 5, 2018

I spent a few years working in news radio, so there’s a certain nostalgia for me that podcasts hold. It’s good, old-fashioned story telling with a certain depth that is often absent in a written piece. I once cherished the opportunity to go on-air and explain a story in a way that didn’t make it into print, particularly for complex stories that unfolded in a courtroom. It was a way to offer some context to a story, to set the stage so to speak.

As a listener, I binged on the first season of “Serial.” By the time the second season rolled round, the Netflix Effect had me by a choke-hold and it was painful to wait an entire week for the next installment. It’s the story telling that gets me. It’s so colorful, so full of context and backstory. For me, work- or business-related podcasts have that same effect, but with the modern convenience and availability of tuning in when I want: while walking the dog, doing tasks around the house or driving.

From a listener’s perspective, podcasts are entertaining, they’re educational and, at times, even funny. But what about from a PR or content marketing perspective: Have you ever thought about developing a podcast to help your business?

We have a few clients who have gotten on board with podcasts, and they’re doing great work. Our friends at Basecamp, who wrote the book – literally – on remote working have a stellar podcast, REWORK. Headed up by Chicago Tribune and Dow Jones alum Wailin Wong, REWORK tackles topics such as “How to say you’re sorry,” “Meetings are toxic,” and “Interruption is not collaboration.” It’s a must-listen for those working remotely.

Another Metis client, Zaius, a B2C CRM, recently launched a podcast, the Empowered Marketer, the name an homage to what the company hopes to do for its customers, the majority of whom are marketers and chief marketing officers. The podcast offers real-world techniques for B2C marketers.

Whether you’re looking for a podcast on remote working, one designed specifically for marketers, or a just great suggestion for anyone interested in business podcasts in general, here are some recommendations, crowdsourced from the Metis team:

  • NPR’s On the Media, which explores how the media shapes our worldview.
  • StartUp from Gimlet Media, which shares interesting stories about the genesis of various companies, including the challenges and end result (good or bad).
  • Bloomberg’s Game Plan, which delves into office topics we all can relate to, from office jargon to controlling the thermostat.
  • Tim Ferriss’ podcast, featuring interesting people, productivity tips and some life hacks;
  • Endless Thread, delving into stories from Reddit.
  • Hiding in the Bathroom, the networking guide for ambitious introverts.
  • Harvard Business Review’s IdeaCast, featuring leading thinkers in business and management.
  • Claim the Stage, focused on public speaking for women.

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