Throwback Thursday: Metis reflects on our favorite technology moments in history

April 18, 2013

By: Erin
In the spirit of throwback Thursday and last week's Mashable article, “39 Unforgettable Moments in Tech Startup History,” the Metis team compiled a list of our technology “firsts” from 1993 to present day. Enjoy this walk down memory lane.
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1) Using Skype in 2003 to stay in touch with a best friend who moved from the United States to Ireland
2) Discovering in 2003, before the term “social media” was defined, this “cool new thing” called MySpace and using it to discover music and connect with new friends and future spouses
3) In 1999, the first time we Googled a term or question instead of going to the Ask Jeeves or Dogpile search engines
4) Receiving an individualized email account at work in 1999 – the days of faxing press releases were coming to an end
5) Trying to keep our Neopets alive by playing games online to win food coins in 1999
6) Receiving and RSVPing to an e-birthday card in 1997
7) Using AOL Instant Messenger in 1993 for the first time to communicate with friends, instead of using the telephone
8) Playing Oregon Trail on a Macintosh in 1992, but never finishing the game because the program always crashed
What are your “first” or most memorable technology experiences? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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