Three lessons B2B marketers can learn from consumer influencer campaigns

July 27, 2017

Consumer preferences and the popularity of social media have created a groundswell of influencers working with consumer brands to launch marketing campaigns. Brands win because they’re able to tap into the established authenticity consumers perceive from bloggers and social media personalities, while also reaching new audiences.

B2B marketers, listen up: influencer marketing works for you, too. Here are three takeaways from some of our favorite recent consumer influencer campaigns:

Choose the path of least resistance.

From fringe to flower crowns, festival fashion is driving a new breed of amateur photographers on Instagram. Sensing an opportunity, Nikon partnered with Warner Music Group during the Warner Sound Festival to demonstrate the quality of their cameras. Attendees and artists used Nikon cameras to capture photos throughout the event and share them on social media with a Nikon-branded hashtag.

When you can insert your brand or product in a natural situation, you building stronger product value and consumer trust – the experience is enjoyable for your audience and feels less like a pushy ad. Try to identify natural partnerships for your company and leverage your top users to demonstrate your product or services through the channels your target buyers are already using.

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Own the conversation.

Reviews are king in the world of e-commerce. People are talking about your product, so why not be involved in the conversation? Take a note from Sephora, who took control of the existing conversation and created Beauty Talk, a community where anyone can leave honest product reviews and help other customers decide which products to buy.

Many tech companies can follow Sephora’s lead to control the conversations already happening by creating a forum or website to directly interact with users, generate authentic reviews, chat about products and directly address issues and problems as they occur. 

Keep an open mind and meet your audience where they are.

Stay open to using new methods of reaching – and resonating with – your target audience. To connect with a younger audience and show a different, more playful side of its brand, Buick partnered with Pinterest influencers in a contest to promote its Encore luxury model. The contest showcased how the car could reflect the driver’s personal style and life passions, with the winning Pinterest board dictating the colors of the new car model. 

Don’t be afraid to break out of the same old, same old and consider new-to-you platforms. Remember that even B2B buyers are people. To show your audience what your brand is all about, get on their level.

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