Three Essentials for the Business Commuter

February 5, 2013

By: Sylvie
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Few of us are lucky enough to live close to work and not have a commute. Those of us who do commute to work every day know how difficult it can be to pack for an entire workday. Below are must-have items for the business commuter.

  1. Sensible shoes
    As a shoe fanatic, it was hard for me to give up my pumps in favor of more sensible flats when my commute went from a seven-minute drive to an hour-long ordeal involving a car ride, walk, subway ride and bus trek. Heels, while appropriate business attire, are not practical for sprinting to catch a bus or subway, or for balancing on a crowded, moving bus or train. Invest in good walking shoes for the commute and pack work shoes for the office.
  2. A carryall tote
    And if you're packing a separate pair of shoes for the office, you'll need something to carry those shoes in. For women, a tote to carry everything for the day is vital. Gentlemen, it may be time to invest in a “European shoulder bag,” or what I affectionately call a “murse”—a man purse. You need to be able to transport your lunch, wallet, notebooks, gadgets, umbrellas, pens, hand sanitizer, tissues and other miscellaneous items back and forth from the office to home, so invest in a bag that will keep all your belongings organized in one place.
  3. E-reader or tablet
    If you have a long commute, to stay sane and entertained, an e-reader or tablet is a must. Be sure to fill it with apps that don't require an Internet connection, since during a commute, mobile broadband and Wi-Fi connections are often spotty at best. So make sure you have everything charged up, downloaded and ready to go before you head out the door.

What items can't you do without on your daily commute?

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