The PR Creativity Zone: Inspiration from an Afternoon at the ICA

August 16, 2012

By: Michelle
Courtney, Emily, Melissa and Cathy view an untitled piece by the Brazilian brothers Otavio and Gustavo Pandolf, also known as Os Gêmeos.
When do your best ideas come to you? Chances are, the answer to that question is not, “while sitting obediently at my desk,” or “when I'm in a meeting.” Numerous studies by everyone from efficiency experts and psychologists to human resources professionals confirm that for most employees, inspiration strikes them when they're doing something off-task like driving, walking, daydreaming, doodling or listening to music.
Most of us can make the connection between daydreaming and creativity in the arts. Poets, painters, dancers and musicians often credit imaginative play for their successes. But what about in the corporate world? In general, business has been slower to come around to the usefulness of creative thinking, but that is changing. Mention the word "visionary," and business icons like Jack Welch, Steve Jobs and even a kid named Mark Zuckerberg come to mind. All of these corporate heroes credit the power of having a vision—a mental image or plan—for keeping them on the right path. That kind of vision comes with unstructured time to tap into your own muse, let go of stuffy, traditional thinking, and unleash your originality without fear of judgment or pressure to get things done.
ICA light installation
Island Universe (detail), 2008. Handblown and press-molded glass, chrome-plated aluminum, electric lighting, rigging by Josiah McElheny
Creativity is a skill that we often call upon at Metis to provide new ideas, approaches and solutions for our clients. The agency's motto is “Here, we will do our best work ever,” and for the team members, that best work includes providing unique, unconventional ways for our clients to rise above the noise and stand out to the media. We understand that influencers are bombarded daily with boring, run-of-the-mill pitches from other PR agencies. Our secret weapon for securing meaningful opportunities for our clients is the creative, thought-provoking content we deliver to the media.
That's why Metis management encourages time for the team to explore the artistic side of life. We recently took a local field trip to the dazzling Institute of Contemporary Art on Boston's waterfront for some creative inspiration. The team was immersed in contemporary artwork across every conceivable medium (not to mention a few we'd never thought possible), viewing pieces that were beautiful, disturbing, clever, haunting, humorous and overwhelming. Everyone had their favorites, but the real lesson of the trip was that sometimes, we have to get out of our comfort zones and into the creativity zone for inspiration to strike.
What's your favorite way to take a creative break?

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