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March 31, 2020

You snack on them like candy. Devour entire seasons at a sitting. They’re the binge worthy shows, social media accounts and podcasts you just can’t get enough of. 

Whether you’re new to remote working or a virtual veteran, it can be tough to put down the work and unwind. We’re all in this together, so here are some of our team’s absolute go-tos for disconnecting. 

Got some of your own? Share below and let's help each other out!

Cathy Atkins

TV Drama: Six Feet Under – Hulu, HBO Now
TV Comedy: Freaks and Geeks – Amazon Prime
Social Media: @dog_feelings – Twitter 
Podcast: To Live and Die in LA

@dog_feelingsCaroline Curran

TV Drama: The Morning Show – Apple TV+
TV Comedy: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – Amazon Prime
Schitt's Creek – Netflix
Social Media: @drsmashlove – Instagram (Dogs, dogs and more dogs!)
Podcast: Broken Harts

Kelly Haddock

TV Drama: The Good Doctor – ABC, Hulu
TV Comedy: Friends – Amazon Prime, TBS, Nickelodeon
Social Media: @animalsdoingthings – Instagram
@sarcasticmommy4 – Twitter
@iaintdoinit – Facebook (I could watch her videos all day long. She is ME.)

JaeMi Pennington

TV Drama: You – Netflix
TV Comedy: Big Bang Theory - Amazon Prime, soon to be on HBO
Arrested Development – Netflix
Social Media: @LawrenceKS_PD (Lawrence Police) – Twitter
Podcast: Cover Up


Jeff Miller

TV Drama: The Wire – Amazon Prime, Hulu
The Great British Baking Show – Netflix
TV Comedy: WKRP in Cincinnati – Amazon Prime
Social Media: @robbyandpenny – TikTok
@dog_rates – Twitter
Podcast: Crimetown Presents: The Ballad of Billy Balls
The NoSleep Podcast (Metis note: Jeff has just had his third story, a supernatural caper, posted by the podcast - listen here)

Kim Caro

TV Drama: Grey’s Anatomy – ABC, Netflix
TV Comedy: The Office – Netflix
Social Media: @wafflenugget (Dr. Waffle) – Instagram
Podcast: Crime Junkie

Marty Querzoli

TV Drama: Tiger King – Netflix
Mindhunter – Netflix
TV Comedy: Letterkenny – Hulu
Social Media: @itsJeffTiedrich – Twitter
@3YearLetterman – Twitter (Best troll ever!)
Podcast: S-Town

Tiger King

Mel Rubbelke

TV Drama: Succession – HBO
TV Comedy: Fleabag – Amazon Prime (I am rewatching the entire thing)
Social Media: @RunnersWorldMag – Instagram (It’s been my motivation)

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