The Meet Metis Q&A: Ellen Miller, social media strategist

April 21, 2016

BlogEllen.jpgOn a sunny day last July, I was lounging on a sailboat in Boston Harbor, drinking prosecco and chatting with my co-workers. (Read: our annual summer outing was awesome.) Ellen Miller, Metis’ social media strategist, was sharing some early planning details about her upcoming wedding. “We don’t know too much yet, but we know there are a few things it will definitely have,” she explained, casually. “Like a flash mob.”

Ellen loves organizing events and getting parties started more than most people I’ve met. She’s the first person in line for karaoke, and she throws a killer game night. That’s why she’s a perfect fit for her work as Metis’ social team leader – her creativity, quick wit, knack for smart marketing and attention to detail help our clients launch social campaigns, attract new customers and have fun along the way.

We asked Ellen what she loves about her job, what led her to it and how she spends her time outside the office. (For flash mob advice, you’ll have to ask her yourself.)

Why do you love working at Metis?

We get results and push each other to grow.

Fill in the blank. Before Metis, ______.

I managed new business and marketing at an agency focused on social good.

What’s your favorite Metis benefit?

Work-from-home Fridays.

What would your perfect weekend consist of?

Games, cheese, wine, brunch and an adventure with my dog.

What has Metis taught you?

If something isn't working, change it.


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