The Medium checklist for startups: Who to follow and what to read

August 25, 2016

For entrepreneurs and startups looking to reach and engage with large, targeted audiences, Medium can be a great place to start. It’s a community of readers and writers offering unique perspectives on ideas, both big and small. You can follow companies, individuals, collections, and publications, and share your own thought leadership content.

There are numerous Medium channels worth your attention. Here’s where to find them:

Publications and people to follow

  • The Mission: With 143,000 followers, The Mission, formerly known as Life Learning, focuses on “accelerated learning, tech, antifragility, and definite optimism.”
  • Fortune Insiders: The place “where the most influential players in business and beyond offer leadership and career advice” is now on Medium, as are many other media properties.
  • The Startup: Formerly known as #SWLH (Startup, Wanderlust, Life Hacking), The Startup has more than 160,000 followers. It focuses on business, marketing, design and technology for entrepreneurs and startups. It’s also home to inspiring Medium stories in productivity, life lessons, creativity, writing tips and self-improvement.
  • Better Humans: With more than 60,000 followers, Better Humans shares intelligent advice for upgrading yourself. It includes business, productivity, life and health insights from the world’s smartest entrepreneurs, coaches and athletes.
  • Jon Westenberg: Jon Westenberg is a writer, creative and entrepreneur. He is rated one of the top writers on Medium, where he has grown an audience of 45,000 followers for his posts about startups, small business entrepreneurship and creativity.
  • Signal v. Noise: Basecamp, a project collaboration tool that helps people make progress together, has more than 32,000 followers on Medium. With posts by the makers and friends of Basecamp, the page shares opinions and thoughts on design, work, business and tech.

Medium provides a place to share content and absorb it in a dedicated and interested community that users can read in-app. For startups and entrepreneurs with limited resources, Medium is a way to cost-effectively increase brand awareness.


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