The Internet mourns Gigaom: A summary

March 13, 2015

An email made the rounds among our team Monday night announcing news that probably sparked the same level of shock throughout journalism, technology and marketing circles as it did for us. Gigaom, a well-respected technology blog staffed by talented reporters, was closing – immediately. The site, founded by Om Malik in 2008, was the perfect marriage of blogging and journalism. It was a venture devoted to covering pioneering companies that was a pioneer in its own right.
During the many years we worked with Gigaom on behalf of clients, we consistently found that not only did the site’s editorial staff ask pressing, informed questions, but the stories they wrote had meaningful traction in the market. Gigaom didn’t pull any punches. It was always hard-hitting, and its closure is a real loss for its readers and the industry it covered.
The headlines in the days since the Gigaom news broke mirror what many of us thought the moment we heard it. The coverage talks of the abrupt shutdown, the lessons for the rest of the industry and the question of whether Gigaom’s demise is a sign of things to come. Below are some of the stories we’ve been reading this week:
New York Times: “Tech Blog GigaOm Abruptly Shuts Down
The New York Times showcases just how important Gigaom had become in the tech journalism landscape. This breaking news article focuses on Gigaom’s announcement and the reactions of its employees, especially Mathew Ingram, a senior writer.
Inc.: “Tech Site Gigaom Runs Out of Money, Shuts Down
Inc. delves into the financial issues plaguing Gigaom from the get-go, referring to the business implosion of the early 2000s. After dissecting the Gigaom business model, Inc. essentially crosses its fingers that Gigaom’s woes were a singular instance of a bad business model and not a part of a larger pandemic.
AdAge: “Should Other Tech Publishers Be Worried About Gigaom's Closure?
AdAge tries to discern where Gigaom went wrong—and what can be learned from its mistakes.
Digiday: “Inside GigaOm’s VC-driven demise
Sources familiar with the Gigaom closure and outside analysts provide commentary for this Digiday article contemplating the past, present and future of Gigaom and the pros and cons of relying on venture capitalist funding.
Forbes: “GigaOm And The Death Of Editorial
The question on everyone’s mind with Gigaom’s closure is this: What does the organization’s demise mean for the future of online tech journalism? This article details Gigaom’s decision to remain true to strict ethical journalism standards and what its failure means for the future of ethical journalism.

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