The inside scoop on working at Metis: 9 employees share

December 22, 2016

My immediate family is small, but my extended family is huge. Each year, my holiday season becomes a balancing act as I make time to celebrate with different branches of relatives, might-as-well-be relatives and friends-that-turned-into family. The process always makes me happy, as it reminds me of my gratitude for the people I’m lucky to have in my life. It also results in a fair amount of repeat conversations, many centered around one question: “How’s your job?”

Most people have an automatic answer (read: “Eh, good”) to this question. Recently, our team encouraged one another to dig deeper. We asked one another why we were compelled to apply for, accept and grow in our roles on the Metis team. (Team chemistry and ongoing adaptation are two of our core values, after all – it was a safe bet that simply punching the clock wasn’t going to be an answer.)

Below, nine employees share their takes on how Metis culture drives them to own the day.

Justine Boucher, account manager

Justine300.jpg“I accepted a job at Metis because of the commitment to professional development and training – there is always a lot of learning on the job in this field, but I felt stagnant and I was interested in the formalized training Metis offered. I can confidently say I'm a lifelong learner, and that drive is true every day here. Also, my very first email address (1998, represent!) was based on Athena, goddess of wisdom and daughter of Metis, so it was fate.”




 Rachel Sullivan, director of marketing


“My first intro to Metis was as a college student looking for an internship for my last semester. I met with some awesome interviewers who sold me on the small team, opportunity for hands-on work as an intern and a fun crew to work with. The chemistry between the team was apparent right away and I loved it.” 






Melissa Cohen, managing partner

Melissa300.jpg“It was a great opportunity for me to help grow a business from the beginning. That's what got me excited.”








 Jessica Moog, senior content specialist

Moog300.jpg“I accepted a job at Metis after working for a company where I felt I wasn't learning, my work wasn't getting noticed and I didn't have a path for professional growth. Courtney convinced me, correctly, that Metis would be pretty much the opposite.”







Kate Connors, account manager


Cathy sold me during my interview with her ‘what you see is what you get,’ no-bullshit attitude. It was the most real conversation I've ever had during an interview, and I walked away thinking, ‘this is a woman who I can learn from and who will respect what I bring to the table.’”






Kate Sena, account executive

Sena300.jpg“I joined Metis more than once - the first time as a co-op, when I liked the company size and figured I'd get a lot of hands-on experience. This time around, it was the people that sold me. At each job in between my Metis life, I always thought the people just couldn't compare to our team here.”






Derek Reimherr, social media specialist

Derek300.jpg“I wanted to work at an agency and… what do you know, I heard from Metis within 24 hours of applying. I accepted a job based on being able to do the kind of work I actually wanted most/all of the time, not 20 percent of the time. Plus, our time off and flex schedule stuff rules.”






Sylvie Tse, account manager

Sylvie300.jpg“I was looking to make a move back to Boston and wanted a position in an agency that was focused on tech. I wanted to work with a smaller firm, since that's what I'm used to -- knowing I'm more than a cog in the machine and having the we're-all-in-it-together spirit.”







Rebecca Joyner, vice president of content strategy


“I had already been freelancing for Metis for several years when I came on full time in 2013, so I got a good, long look at what working here would be like. It was a position that tapped into my professional strengths and interests, working with people I find inspiring and motivating. It wasn't a hard decision.”






Kelly Haddock, assistant account executive


Cathy and I have known each other for a long time, and we had talked about my joining Metis. I was thankful to be able to intern for a year first to see if I would like it. The result: DUH! Who would not want to be a part of Metis? OMG. #rockstars #superstars”


Read Metis’ culture declaration and learn more about what it means to do your best work ever. 

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