The Boston funding train is moving fast

September 12, 2015
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By: Ali
Just when you thought summer was over, we get hit with another heat wave. Enjoy it while it lasts though, because flip flop season will soon be behind us. It’s time to turn our attention away from the beach and onto other things – like startup launches, funding and all the other pieces of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Boston Business Journal: Summer roundup: 10 Boston startup stories you missed while you were at the beach
This recap is kind of doing my job for me, but it’s a great overview of the past few months. Take a spin through to learn about some of the local endeavors that may have slipped past your radar, including new plans from former VCs, wine technology (because that’s a thing) and an appearance on Shark Tank.
BostInno: New Money: NetBlazr, Harmonix, Apperian, Grove Labs
Money does not grow on trees, but it’s hard to remember that when you see the kind of funding these companies all picked up this week. I think my favorite is Grove Labs. The company built an indoor growing system that uses lights and fish (or excuse me, aquaponics), to grow food where you choose to set it up. I can barely grow bamboo, which requires essentially nothing, so maybe this is what I need.
Bisnow: Look out Fin/Tech cities – Boston wants to dominate
They are not wrong. Trans National CEO Steve Belkin and executive vice president of development Justin Krebs apparently see the trajectory our city is on and are ready to drive it to the next level with a $900 million investment. They’re looking to build a tower downtown that will house an entrepreneurial innovation center that’s open to the public. In my mind, this can’t happen soon enough.
BetaBoston: Apparel startup Brunswick Park hopes to crowdfund its first collection
The power of a good kickstarter is impressive – or at least that’s the hope for this venture. Co-founders Jessica Garbarino and Alex Weaver are looking to crowdfund the performance apparel line that they’re developing with McGarry & Sons, the same design firm that works with Nike and Puma. Here’s hoping they can get the buzz and dollars they need.
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