Thanks to Boston’s local heroes, the snow won’t get you down

January 23, 2016
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By: Ali Keppler
It’s official – winter is not coming, it’s here. For those who thought we could escape this season entirely (me), we’re now getting the reminder that winter is, in fact, inevitable. Be it three days, a week or maybe even some time in March, the snow will come. Thankfully, when it does, a couple of local startups have things covered. Read on for that news and more.
BostInno: 2 Boston startups are teaming up to shovel out your car

Spot and Jobble – not to be confused with Jot and Spobble – are launching to give local residents a chance to sign up for free snow removal around their parking spaces. You don’t have to be a Spot or Jobble customer to apply, so there’s really no downside to giving it a shot.

Boston Business Journal: 3-D printing startup now printing copper, zirconium and other metals

3-D printing continues to blow my mind, and local company NVLabs is taking it to a whole new level. Companies across aerospace, medical devices and jewelry may soon have the option to print multiple metals simultaneously, with options including stainless steel and copper nickel. The times, they are a-changin’.

BetaBoston: LearnLaunch, McGraw-Hill Education team up to school edtech startups

Our friendly neighborhood ed-tech accelerator, LearnLaunch, is getting some support when it comes to mentoring local entrepreneurs. McGraw-Hill is bringing 125 years of experience to the table to help aspiring individuals drive the education field forward with their innovation. It’s an admirable endeavor all around.

CNNMoney: Now Texas takes aim at DraftKings, FanDuel

If you haven’t heard about the DraftKings-FanDuel saga, then you might want to catch up on your news. And then once you do, you can read this latest development about Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton deciding these two companies qualify as gambling. Still up in the air if this will be a New York/Illinois repeat bringing the two companies down another peg, but we can assume if it does, both companies will be prepared to fight back yet again.

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