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November 14, 2015
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By: Erin
After attending Ad:tech New York last week, I’m armed with new marketing ideas, industry connections and a list of the hottest ad tech startups that will deserve your attention in 2016. The two-day event included a live pitch competition, hosted by Evol8tion co-founder Gina Waldhorn and titled “N3 – Now. New. Next.” Twelve new startups and influential judges from Battery Ventures, Foundation Capital, L’Occitane and Thomson Reuters participated; each startup had 10 minutes to pitch ideas ranging from a micro-location-based ad platform to a Snapchat engagement solution, then answer challenging questions from the panel of judges. The winner received an opportunity to partner with one of the judging companies, gain valuable feedback on its product and potentially build a proof of concept.
Below are some details about three of the impressive companies from the competition, all of which we’re keeping our eyes on next year:
AdHawk, founded by ex-Googlers, aims to simplify digital advertising management across channels such as Google AdWords and Facebook. To eliminate the confusion associated with cross-channel advertising, the company aggregates ad data into a single real-time dashboard, enabling users to optimize campaigns with one click. AdHawk participated in the Techstars Boulder 2015 class and recently set up its headquarters in New York City.
After being crowned the winner of the N3 pitch competition, Todd Saunders, co-founder of AdHawk, told me, “The pitch at Ad:tech New York was an amazing opportunity for the AdHawk team to get feedback from investors, agencies and partners. In order for businesses to successfully advertise online, they basically need a Ph.D. in digital advertising. Every advertising platform has its own unique dashboard with unique metrics, and businesses without digital advertising teams are falling behind the curve – they need a solution that simplifies digital advertising without compromising all of the valuable features available. Our goal is to simplify digital advertising and give every company of every size access to these powerful tools.”
Mish Guru, co-founded by New Zealand-based entrepreneur Tom Harding, makes it easy for brands, agencies and artists to manage Snapchat content. The Mish Guru dashboard eliminates manual tasks and notification overload, allowing brands to plan and deliver campaigns as intended and providing detailed analytics about how each campaign is performing. With many Ad:tech sessions focused on the increased use of Snapchat for marketing strategies and the need to develop creative campaigns that appeal to millennials and Generation Z, Mish Guru is well-positioned to handle the market’s demand for Snapchat measurement platforms. The company plans to open an office in New York City and expand its use cases in 2016.
Resolution Foundry helps maximize the value of visual marketing investments. According to the company, more than 500 million brand-related images are shared each day, but 80 percent of the images immediately dislocate the brand from its investment. While marketers see valuable engagement from compelling content, they lack a transparent measurement tool that allows them to understand bottom-line impact.
Marketers often wonder, “Who is engaging with my brand?” “Who are my top influencers?” “What products and images are driving the most engagement?” To answer these questions, Resolution Foundry created a solution that tracks, optimizes and benchmarks visual content investments throughout numerous use cases. The solution can acquire, analyze and index a large volume of images to deliver accurate and complete insight on all visual content.
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