Takeaways from World Environment Day

June 7, 2011

By Mike
We celebrated World Environment Day on June 5, remembering that we are a global community responsible for preserving the world in which we all live. To that tune, each member of the Metis team chose one of the strategies for eco-friendly living provided by the United Nation Environmental Program. Especially on June 5, but also in our daily routines from now on, we pledged to do our part to conserve and protect the world around us. Personally, I'm trying to cut down on the car use; if it's too far to walk, I'll dust the cobwebs off the bike. Here's a sample of some other things our team has chosen to do:

  • Start a compost pile to use as fertilizer for a veggie garden
  • Plant a tree
  • Cut down on driving by using public transportation or biking or walking
  • Carry a reusable water bottle instead of purchasing a new water bottle every day
  • Hand-wash dishes while trying to use minimal water, rather than use the dishwasher
  • Optimize the use of the washing machine – use the cold-wash option and significantly save energy and reduce daily carbon emissions
  • Exercise outside more, rather than using the treadmill
  • Eat locally-grown foods
  • Print double-sided and only when absolutely necessary

So, take a look at the strategies above, and pick one for yourself. Maybe go nuts; pick two. Tell your friends. Your responsibilities could be as easy as turning the water off while you're brushing your teeth or flipping the light switch off on the way out the door. And while these actions might seem insignificant, keep in mind that if enough people take part, our efforts add up.
What are your plans for going green in your daily routine?

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