Summertime = Beaches and PR Planning

August 31, 2013

By Kathryn
Summer is drawing to a close, but I will remember these past few months every time I hear the song “Cruise” by Nelly and Florida Georgia Line – it embodies summer for me. I'm struck by one line that plays over and over again: “You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise…” Some PR pros might view summer as a slow time, with reporters and analysts going on vacation, and European counterparts taking several weeks off. I cannot stress enough that this is not the case. There should never be any cruising in PR, and there certainly shouldn't have been during this almost-over summer. Each industry has different busy times; for example, companies that serve the data center are extremely busy during summer as they gear up for VM world.
Regardless of which season is your slow time, don't give your PR efforts a break. Instead, use quieter seasons to plan future announcements and campaigns or find creative methods to get your messages across to your prospective audience. These might include:

When you think of summer, you imagine long, lazy hot days on the beach or by a pool, away from the computer and all the daily demands of work. And this should definitely be part of the program – but don't expect your PR team to laze the days away either. Rather, your PR staff should proactively present you with media and content activities that drive your business forward during the slower seasons. By leveraging current events and the talented spokespeople within your business, your PR and marketing team should continue to lay forth an energized program.

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