Stop sounding boring on Twitter

February 18, 2016

Like most forms of marketing, social media can be a challenge for some B2B brands. How do you talk about things like IT infrastructure, data center trends and sales analytics on Twitter while keeping the conversation fresh?

The more engaging and relevant a social post is, the more likely your audience will click, read, retweet, share or smile. The tips below can help you infuse more flavor into your social posts while staying true to your brand voice:

Tie in Internet and pop culture.
What do Justin Bieber lyrics have to do with data center outages? The connection worked for one of our clients in this recent tweet. When you draft social posts, think about ways you can tie your content to pop culture trends, popular memes and recognizable GIFs. (Here’s a handy list of memes to draw inspiration from.) Just be careful that you’re not trying too hard to make a connection work; ask your colleagues if you need a gut check.

Ask yourself, “Would I tweet this?”
If you (the human, not the brand) were writing a tweet about something you cared about personally, would you ever use the phrase “learn more” or “groundbreaking?” I probably wouldn’t. I might say, “must-read” or “This is everything you need to know about X.” Think about the phrases you would personally use to describe a topic or article, and use that as inspiration for making your brand sound less like a robot.

Engage directly.
When you use social media as a channel to genuinely engage with influencers, rather than simply broadcasting your message, you’ll be surprised how the practice helps you sound more, well, engaging. Your tone will likely be more conversational because you’re talking to someone specific, not scheduling a post addressed to no one in particular. Plus, the more time you spend interacting and not scheduling, the more you’ll be exposed to witty, creative content that can inspire new ideas for your brand.

Have an opinion.
Anyone can share tips or best practices. But when industry news breaks, B2B brands can stand out by having an opinion – especially if that opinion is something others might disagree with. Don’t act impulsively, but if your company has a perspective on a hot topic, be bold and share it with your social audience.

There’s no one-size-fits-all way to write for Twitter, and it’s important to make sure that you’re constantly testing to see what resonates with your audience. That said, it is never a bad idea to sound more human on social and find new, creative ways to engage your readers – especially if you’re a B2B company.

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