Startup Saturday: Now a robot can remind you to take your medicine.

March 3, 2018

Pillo Health, a Boston-based startup, is teaming up with Orbita within the companion robot market with a personalized healthcare robot that will remind you to take your medicine. The robot was created with AI algorithms to engage with patients and deliver personalized care, particularly for adults living with chronic conditions. What else do you think entrepreneurs in the companion robot market will come up with?

Here’s what else is going on in the Boston tech and startup scene this week:

BostInno: Early Stage Podcast: How This Startup Is Using Sailing Drones to Collect Data

Is reading not your thing? Check out this podcast featuring BostInno reporter, Dylan Martin. He shares his favorite interviewees, the benefits of being transparent as a startup and the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs today. Don’t forget to check out other Early Stage Podcast episodes, featuring top entrepreneurs at the seed and Series A stages.

Zaius: The Empowered Marketer: Customer Retention is Everything in Ecommerce

Boston based startup and Metis client, Zaius, a B2C CRM platform that provides real-time, cross-channel marketing automation and attribution, released its latest podcast episode focused on the most important ecommerce success metric: customer retention. This episode features Glambot growth advisor, Dominic Coryell. Check it out! 

Boston Business Journal: 'Intelligent heated jacket' from Boston startup quickly doubles Kickstarter goal

A Boston-based clothing startup, Ministry of Supply, has created an intelligent heated jacket that doubled its fundraising goal almost immediately after launching a Kickstarter campaign. The jacket, called the Mercury Intelligent Heated Jacket, is the startups first wearable technology product and contains three lightweight heating elements and a temperature sensor. It can be integrated with Amazon’s Alexa, so you can even say, “Alexa, heat up my jacket” before putting it on. How cool! 

Built in Boston: 4 Boston startups shaking up the real estate and construction industries

If you live or work in Boston, you know how much construction is happening all over the city.  So, it makes sense that entrepreneurs are starting to invest in real estate and construction industries. Built in Boston shares four rising startups in these industries and what they’re focusing on. Check them out:, HqO, Beco and ManufactOn.

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