Startup Saturday: News from Boston’s Entrepreneurship Scene

March 22, 2014

Though the drunken parade goers crowding Boston’s streets last weekend might not have tipped you off, this city is filled with people turning great ideas into even better businesses. So banish those memories of green beer and corned beef, and take this weekend to catch up on your startup news.
10 Harvard Business School Startups You Should Know
In case you didn’t know, some pretty smart people go to Harvard Business School, and they’re responsible for some of the coolest startups around. You’ve almost certainly heard of big-name, Harvard-bred companies like Gilt and Birchbox, but check out Mashable reporter Dani Fankhauser’s list of 10 other HBS startups you should know about. (Blue Apron is a big hit around our office.)
Tech rockstar opens B&B for startups
Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, the Icelandic co-founder of Opera Software, wants to give entrepreneurs a vacation. His latest project is the Innovation House, a scenic bed and breakfast in Gloucester meant to serve as a workspace for entrepreneurs. Bad news for Boston businesses, though: The Innovation House is mainly meant as a resource for Icelandic startups trying to enter the U.S. market, though there is some space for local entrepreneurs.
Online marketplaces all about connections
Nobody said starting an e-commerce company—or any company, for that matter—was easy, but for entrepreneurs trying to start online marketplaces, it can be even more difficult than expected. And as Boston Globe reporter Scott Kirsner writes, sometimes success truly is all about who you know.
Cambridge Innovation Center to open in Boston
The Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) is opening a new branch at 50 Milk St. The CIC serves as a resource and workspace for up-and-coming and established tech companies (ahem, Facebook and Amazon) alike, so the Financial District may soon be the startup district.
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