Startup Saturday: New cryptocurrencies expected to change digital transactions

December 16, 2017

Years ago, startup and tech gurus from Silicon Valley began discussing Bitcoin, the first decentralized digital currency. While many may have thought it was a passing fad, this past year has proved those rumors wrong. Bitcoin is all the rage right now, in and out of the tech scene. But don’t assume blockchain and cryptocurrency technology will stay the same – at least that’s what attendees from Xconomy’s cybersecurity event concluded. The publication rounded up some additional takeaways from last week’s conference.

Here’s what else happened in Boston’s startup scene this week:

Boston Business Journal: Verizon’s NYC truck fleet is now powered by Boston’s startup tech

Verizon Communications, Inc. is now relying on Boston startup and Metis client XL Hybrids to power newer and cleaner heavy-duty work trucks in New York City. XL Hybrids saves large corporations, like Verizon, money by adding hybrid-electric motors and battery packs to vehicles during the manufacturing process to cut down on fuel costs.   

The Verge: Lyft is now offering self-driving car trips in Boston

Are you looking to experience driverless vehicles firsthand? Well, you’re in luck! Lyft is partnering with NuTonomy to pick up passengers in the Seaport. When requesting a Lyft in the area, riders will be paired with an autonomous vehicle (with a human driver behind the wheel as a safety check). The big question is: Will consumers trust the cars enough to ride in them?

Built In Boston: What it’s like to work as an engineer at Facebook in Cambridge

Working at one of the best-known tech companies is no doubt every engineer’s dream – so what’s it really like? Well, for starters, “Facebook has the brightest set of people I’ve ever worked with,” said software engineer Chris Kappler. Built In Boston checked in with three members of Facebook’s team to fully understand what it’s like to work for the tech giant. Overall, employees concluded that working for Facebook was better than they expected. With the expansion of Facebook’s Kendall Square office, this is great news for any Bostonians looking to join the company.  

BostInno: The 10 Boston Tech Offices We Envied Most in 2017

2018 is fast approaching, and BostInno took the time to reflect on its office envy tours to roundup its favorites for readers. Among the top 10: Metis client Crimson Hexagon. BostInno highlights Crimson Hexagon’s 28,000 square foot space in the heart of the Innovation District as a space to encourage collaboration. Other companies featured include MOO, SmartBear and OwnerIQ. 


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