Startup Saturday: Boston ranked top city for startups

October 20, 2017

For the second year in a row, Boston was recently named the top city in the country for startups in the Innovation That Matters report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. The ranking was determined by data focused on talent, capital, specialization, density, connectivity and cultural statistics, as well as a survey of more than 400 startup leaders. The report also highlights that the share of next-wave startups grew 59 percent from last year, with nearly half of all startup investments flowing to these next-wave startups.

Here’s what else happened in the Boston startup community this week:

Boston Business Journal: Boston partners with crowdfunding platform aimed at women

The city of Boston is partnering with iFundWomen, a crowdfunding platform, to help close the funding gap between male and female entrepreneurs. This partnership is led by the Women Entrepreneurs Boston program. By filling out an application on its website, women can use iFundWomen to raise money for their startups. iFundWomen will host a regional pitch competition, and any startup that reaches its funding goal by January 18, 2018 is eligible to participate. The goal of the competition is to expose these startups to more investors.   

Boston Globe: Five things you should know about Boston’s Amazon bid

Boston submitted a 218-page bid to Amazon in an effort to persuade the company to call the city its second home. City officials are leveraging the top colleges and universities Boston has to offer, rather than inexpensive real estate or tax incentives that other local cities, such as Worcester, have offered. They also have a proposed site for Amazon: 161-acre Suffolk Downs. Boston’s bid focuses on the positives the city has to offer but does not address tax incentives and transportation or housing concerns fully.

BostInno: How Facebook Plans to Grow Its New Boston Office

Next year, Facebook is moving into a new office six times the size of its current space. Recent reports have announced that the company will be hiring more than 500 new employees for the space. Current employees focus on machine learning and how to scale machine learning efficiently. Facebook is looking for prospects that focus on infrastructure, mobile application development, data warehouses and data scientists to expand its Boston team. You can view a list of all the positions available on the Facebook career page for Boston.

TechCrunch: MIT’s The Engine wants to fuel bold tech ideas in Boston

The Engine, part venture capital firm, part business incubator, was launched by MIT president Rafael Reif in September with a $200 million fund. The goal: to help push big, bold ideas in science and engineering that may otherwise struggle to get off the ground. The expectation is to fund between 50 and 60 ideas and to eventually spread this concept to other cities. Some of the seven companies in this first batch include C2Sense, a company that helps food companies detect when their food is going to spoil before it happens, and Analytical Space, a company aiming to develop a more efficient

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