Spirit: The Twitter app with a Snapchat feel

September 26, 2013

By: Elizabeth
If you're a Snapchat user, you're familiar with putting an expiration time on your content. However, while images on Snapchat can only last up to 10 seconds, the new Spirit for Twitter allows users to set their tweets to disappear in seconds, minutes, weeks or years with a simple hashtag. [Update: Legrain clarified that the app includes time spans of minutes, hours or days - not months or years.] A creation from former Twitter engineer Pierre Legrain, Spirit brings a little “now you see it – now you don't” fun to the social network that celebrated seven years of spreading information like wildfire back in March.
While most fleeting media apps in today's market are focused on the desire for private messaging that cleans up its own evidence, Legrain has explained that Spirit isn't about secrets – after all, the app doesn't protect tweets from being screen-shotted. It's more about control, he says, and cleaning up content that doesn't need to live on one's feed forever. Examples on the app's homepage are of tweets that will lose relevance after a certain period of time, such as “In SF all day today. #8h” or “Code SPRT1 valid for next #7d.”
If Spirit sounds familiar, you may be thinking of the service Efemr, which uses a similar method to count down the lifespan of tweets. When TechCrunch reporter Ingrid Lunden asked Legrain what sets Spirit apart, he wouldn't comment but according to her article told her, “Long-term, I'm excited about ‘invisible software' (no download, no installation, no interface), and adding additional custom functionality to Tweets.”
How would you use Spirit for Twitter?

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