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June 28, 2016

I didn’t “get” podcasts for a long time. My friends and colleagues were listening to them constantly – during commuting hours, while running, as background noise while working – but I wasn’t hooked. I preferred listening to segments from longer shows that interviewed guests I was already interested in, even if the full episodes didn’t hold my attention.

That habit led me to the first podcast I started listening to regularly: BuzzFeed’s Another Round. Since then, I’m in. I’ve realized the trick is to find podcasts with hosts and subjects you love. As a result, you can keep up with news in areas you’re interested in, and insights from leaders in your industry, delivered in a way that’s always compelling and organic.

While our team has previously listed a few of our favorite podcasts for entertainment, news and more, below are some go-to channels for a spin on entrepreneurship, business and tech:

  • FIR B2B: The For Immediate Release (FIR) Podcast Network covers the communications industry from all angles, from PR to social media to higher education. FIR B2B, hosted by Paul Gillin of SiliconAngle and David Storm, delivers the latest in business-to-business marketing, technology, strategy and more.
  • Marketing Nerds: Produced by Search Engine Journal, this weekly podcast rotates its table of hosts to discuss SEO, social media, paid channels and content marketing with experts in the field. You’ll come for the guests and stay for valuable recurring segments, such as the Freelancer Forum.
  • Radiate with Betty Liu: Bloomberg TV Anchor Betty Liu is known for her direct approach to breaking news from “Main Street, Wall Street and Washington.” As the founder of Radiate Inc. and podcast host, she covers topics like overcoming business fears, making tough decisions and learning from the masters.
  • Adrian Swinscoe’s RARE Business Podcast: When it comes to customer service and experience, Adrian Swinscoe has seen it all. His consulting practice and Forbes column explore how organizations interact with customers, and elements that spark genuine connection between the two. His podcast, recapped regularly on his personal blog, is filled with takeaways, advice and insights about applying that spark to listeners’ own companies.
  • Car Doctor: As a public radio mainstay since 1991, Car Doctor precedes the podcast craze. Like any smart media form, it’s adapted to reach today’s listeners while maintaining its personality. Though it’s primarily a show about – you guessed it – cars, it regularly dives into technical conversations and tangents that prove entertaining and worthwhile for a wider audience. (Team fandom paid off when our client, Maxwell Technologies, appeared on an episode.)
  • Tech Blog Writer: Neil C. Hughes profiles industry leaders in his Inc. column, and uses his podcast to dive deeper into the human side of business success stories. Topics include securing venture capital, startup advice and strategy, working with angel investors, choosing co-founders, and more.
  • GreyBeards on Storage: Ray Lucchesi and Howard Marks know data storage. So do the guests of their monthly podcast – which, as a result, takes a technical dive into new and emerging companies, trends and predictions for the space. Genuine interest in the subject allows the hosts and guests to approach complex topics with an enjoyable, educational approach, which is perfect for true IT fans.


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