Social Media Roundup: Zooming, Searching, Explosions, Oh My!

September 8, 2016

Socialites, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to your one-stop shop for the biggest social news of the past month.

Now playing on LinkedIn: hashtags and improved search. Remember when you scheduled a LinkedIn post in Hootsuite or Buffer, later realizing it had an un-clickable hashtag? Thanks to LinkedIn’s update, you’ll never accidentally feel foolish again (at least with this). Hashtags are now usable and clickable in the same way as they are on Facebook and Twitter. Will they catch on? Time will tell. Perhaps, like on Facebook, hashtags will be used less frequently, but become more targeted by users focusing on events and campaigns.

Lost in the shuffle of this announcement is perhaps a more practical storyline: the improved search function. Finding articles, updates, jobs and more focused on specific keywords is much easier now on LinkedIn – you can actually search your feed. Kind of feels like a feature we should’ve had since Day One, right?

Below are more top social media storylines from the past month:

Twitter opens up the wallet for video content producers

Vine is struggling. Periscope is great for live events. But where does most video content live? YouTube, a little video platform you may have heard of. Most content creators flock to the red TV because of its revenue-sharing deal – 55 percent creator, 45 percent YouTube. Twitter is tired of being left out. It sees YouTube’s bet and raises – 70 percent creator, 30 percent blue bird. This move aims to woo celebrity and high-profile vloggers, streamers and producers to create original video content on Twitter. Note: This deal doesn’t apply to Vine and Periscope (for now).

Instagram finally figured out pinch-to-zoom

Confused parents and grandparents everywhere rejoiced when Instagram finally enabled zooming on iOS. You can at last identify the photo bomber in your otherwise perfect selfie. It didn’t take long for major brands like Bud Light and KFC to employ the feature. Maybe in the next update, we’ll be able to click on URLs in posts, too? One can hope.

Snapchat wants to target users, not creep them out:

Advertisers cheered when Snapchat announced that behavioral targeting options for ads were on the way. But CEO Evan Spiegel is anti-creepy. The company wants you to feel “understood,” and acknowledges how an ad stalking you across the internet would go against that goal. Therefore, the ads won’t tap into browsing data outside of the Snapchat app. We’ll see how Snapchat responds once truckloads of cash start showing up in its bank account.

Facebook’s world domination waylaid by explosion

Mark Zuckerberg has dreamt of bringing internet connectivity to the entire world for some time. This week, the satellite bringing his project’s next phase to fruition – connectivity to sub-Saharan Africa - was set to launch. Unfortunately, his BFF Tony Stark Elon Musk had a fiery mishap with his SpaceX launch this week, too. How are these connected? The satellite was on the rocket as it met its demise. Whoops. At least they added a video functionality to Messenger, right?

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