Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Professionals

February 12, 2013

By: Elizabeth
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Social networking can be a great tool for finding job openings and keeping in touch with business contacts. However, if you're not careful, it can hurt you just as much (if not more) as it can help you. If used carelessly, social media can contribute to the loss of a job offer- or even a current job. Here are some do's and don'ts for professionals.

  1. DO keep it clean. Before you throw out any curse words or dirty jokes on Twitter, think about whether or not you'd like a potential or current employer to see that. The answer is probably no.
  2. DON'T forget to check your privacy settings on Facebook. Even if you've already done this in the past, make sure you check back on a regular basis. Sometimes Facebook switches up privacy policies, causing your settings to change without your knowledge.
  3. DON'T vent about work on social media. If you trash your job on social media and it gets back to a coworker or employer, it could jeopardize your career. And remember: just because you aren't connected to anyone from work on social media doesn't mean it can't get back to them, no matter what kind of privacy settings you have. Word of mouth is powerful, and there is always a trail.
  4. DO be consistent. Make sure that all sites on which you've listed your employment history match up. Each network should tell the same story of your career. If this information doesn't match up, it's a red flag for employers.
  5. DO share content that folks in your industry will find interesting and useful.
  6. DON'T forget to proofread. Just because social networks are fun, casual environments does not mean you should be sloppy. If a potential employer sees a slew of misspelled tweets, they'll get a bad impression.

What's your social media advice?

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