Small change reminds Twitter users that every character counts

February 28, 2013

By: Elizabeth
Twitter users will now need to be even more concise when including more than words in their tweets. Last week, Twitter officially reduced tweet length for tweets containing links. The popular social network first announced the coming change last December, at which time Mashable reported that any tweet including an https link would have a shorter 117 character limit while any tweet containing a URL would be limited to 118 characters.
The reason behind the change is an alteration of Twitter's link shortening tool,, for which length has been extended by two characters. In the new configurations, regular URLs have increased from 20 to 22 characters, while https links have increased from 21 to 23 characters. It is unclear why needs the two additional characters.
Not surprisingly, the general sentiment across the blogosphere in response to the reduced space is negative. Link sharing is a priority for many users, and some worry the change will hinder media-rich interaction.
What Twitter users need to know:

  • Tweets are still limited to a total of 140 characters, including spaces, punctuation and links.
  • When a link is included, Twitter wraps around it. Even if you've already used a link-shortening tool, such as or, it will be affected. Twitter automatically wraps all links in, even those previously shortened.
  • Depending on whether you're using a non-http or http URL, your tweet will need to be no more than 118 or 117 characters, respectively.

How will the reduced space change the way you tweet?

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